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Chase [June 4th 2007]

Chase Martin is not your typical singer/songwriter; he is an artist whose desire is to relate to the listener through sharing his own experiences within the musical landscape he creates. Chase, a native of Oakland, California began his musical at the age of 5. Chase worn Co-Production, Writing & Executive Producer hats to create his latest work. The Smokin' Room Is a blend of Hip-Hop & classic R&B that gives all those who supported Introducing Chase a closer look and listen to the world in which he resides and for those experiencing Chase for the first time the invitation to get to know him This is your song was a fun project to create, the process was exciting and creatively different.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Chase for Just Soul as he has just released his second album ‘Smokin Room’ on his own imprint True Recordings.

Jason: How do you compare your first album to your most recent offering ‘The Smokin Room’?
Chase: Well my first project (Introducing…Chase) was a mix of all styles of music that I love, so it is a very diverse and light feel good project. The Smokin’ Room is a little more Hip-Hop/R&B driven, it has a more of a personal edge lyrically and track wise.


Jason: Many r’n’b soul singers tend to sound very similar or exactly the same do feel your music stands out from the rest?
Chase: I do feel that my music stands out from the rest but yet still familiar enough for people to identify it with other artist in the market place that they may feel do similar styles of music.

Jason: Do you wish to sound different from the rest?
Chase: I do wish to have my own sound and my goal is to brand my sound and be able to do different styles of music under that branding.

Jason: Do you play a musical instrument?
Chase: I will actually be learning to play piano this fall, as I will be taking music courses at Jazz School. I used to play Violin but being left handed that presented a challenge…lol…

Jason: You seem to play a big role on writing the album, what inspires you to write a song presumably tracks like ‘This is your song’?
Chase: My writing is inspired by not only myself but by other people in my life as well as other artists in different and similar genres who give me things to draw from. Case in point “This is your Song” is indeed a love song but also pays homage to a few of the great R&B songs classic and contemporary.

Jason: Who would you say has touched your life the most in your lifetime so far?
Chase: I would have to say my family both immediate and extended. There is nothing like family and having such an array of personalities and love accessible to you constantly I believe helps to mold you into a well-rounded human being.

Jason: In recent years many artists, which have a similar sound to you, seem to come & quickly disappear, what would you say gives an artist staying power?
Chase: I believe what gives an artist staying power are a few factors: I believe that staying true to your artistry is one but above all understanding your core audience. I believe that if you have a core the core can only expand. But when you abandon your core audience it’s at times hard to get them back. Artists like Mary J. Blige & Luther Vandross understood and understand that principal very well and their careers will stand the test of time.

Jason: How would you describe your album?
Chase: I would describe “The Smokin’ Room” as a conversation about love, life and relationships of all types. It’s an album that inspires dialogue about the things we most fear discussions about. Songs that heal yet allow you to relate through not only the lyrics but through the emotion that the entire project embodies.

Jason: After first listen of your album ‘Aaron Hall, Donny Hathaway & John Legend spring to mind, Have these artists inspired you in any way?
Chase: Oh man these artists have most definitely been an influence on me and have inspired song after song. Donny Hathaway was and still is sheer brilliance. There will never be another like him. Aaron Hall not only paved the way to make sexy R&B palatable but his bold stage performance and powerful gospel tinged vocals are one of a kind. And John Legend is amazing. His voice, his performances and his music are exactly what I aspire to accomplish in my career.

Jason: How do the audience react to your music live?
Chase: My live performances have been received with much love and praise from the fans and people who may not have even heard of me before. The energy you receive from the audience is priceless and they give me so much of themselves when I perform so I feel it's important for me to return the favor if not give much more of my self on stage.

Jason: How important is it you to play with a live band, rather than mime?
Chase: It is very important to me to perform with a live band although there are times when I have to perform with TV Tracks. I never mime, I always sing live over tracks and of course with a band. I feel you should never cheat the audience out of experiencing your artistry in its natural state.

Jason: What’s your most admirable person/people?
Chase: I really admire the executives within the music industry. Men like Clive Davis, L.A Reid, Shawn Carter (Jay-Z), and the legendary Ammet Ertugun (R.I.P.). These men have had incredible successes in not only with artists they have discovered but also in their careers as a whole. Their excitement and passion for new artists and the creativity is very inspiring to me.

Jason: What was the last cd you bought?
Chase: I am a fan of all types of music and I am constantly purchasing music. The last purchase I made was of a legendary Jazz Vocalist named Abbey Lincoln. And I purchased her masterpiece “Abbey is Blue”. Her voice is amazing and the songs are melancholy yet inspiring. New artist Chrisette Michelle (Featured on songs with Jay-Z & Nas) sounds a lot like Abbey.

Jason: For someone who has never heard of Chase, what can they expect from the new album?
Chase: For people who are experiencing Chase for the first time I would say distinctive vocal styling and very personal inspiring lyrics and all around great music is what I would hope that one receives from their experience with me.

Jason: Many UK artists are hardly ever heard in the US, Do you have any favourite UK artist you would like to duet/work with?
Chase: Yes I would love to work with Corrine Bailey Rae whom has been commercially received here in the US as well as Amy Winehouse. But my ultimate would be to work with Mica Paris. She has always been a favorite of mine and she made a mark with her US debut “So Good”. Her voice and beauty are classic.

Jason: What are your plans for the rest of 2007?
Chase: Well my plans for the remainder of the year are to just continue to promote the projects. More performances, and just gear up for my next recording project.

Jason: Where can your fans find more info/updates on Chase?
Chase: You can find the latest and more info on me at: as well at my e-mail:

I want to say thank you to all of my fans and people who support me in my endeavours. I could not do any of this without you. Special thanks to Just Soul for this opportunity to sit down and chat!

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