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Calvin Richardson
  Calvin Richardson  
Calvin Richardson [May 20th 2007]

Many may know the name Calvin Richardson from his last album 2:35pm with tracks 'Keep On Movin' & duet with Angie Stone 'More Than A Woman'. Calvin is now back with a new label, new album & new single. I had the pleasure of interviewing the king of soul for Just Soul recently here is how it went...

Jason: Your album 2:35pm was released in 2004, after your single ‘Not Like This’ in 2005 you seemed to have gone quite…. What have you been up to since then?
Calvin Richardson: I left Hollywood Records early 2005 they drawed out my release for what should’ve only taken 90 days to 14 months. Its unfortunate they would do such a thing but it didn’t stop me from recording just held up my release, but I’m back.

Jason: Your album ‘Crib’ is released through your own label ‘Reele Soul’, what inspired you to start your own label?
Calvin Richardson: Well I’ve been searching my entire career for a label who totally get my music and supports my vision and after being with two majors I’ve come to the conclusion this is best for me.

Jason: Many artist are now releasing their own music through there own labels do you feel this is an easier way to have more creative control over your music?
Calvin Richardson: Yes of course if you’re releasing your own music you are the BOSS. Everyone dances to the beat of your drum.


Jason: Have you any artists on your label that the world should look out for?
Calvin Richardson: I have a couple of acts I’m developing or trying to help themselves, but I’m going to take my time with them so they have a career in the business.

Jason: Your duet with Angie Stone ‘More Than A Woman’ was a huge hit across radio how did the collaboration come about?
Calvin Richardson: I recorded ‘More Than A Woman’ with Eddie F & Darrin Lighty before I left Universal records in 2000. Shortly after I wrote and recorded the song I got my release from Universal, Angie was working on ‘Mahogany Soul’ when she came across my original demo at Eddie’s, once she heard it she tracked me down to record the song.

Jason: How would you compare your most recent album to your previous albums?
Calvin Richardson: This upcoming album is ‘Calvin Richardson’ (Me) 100% written and produced by me so I’m partial to this project. I must say I still think my first two albums were solid pieces of work and will stand the test of time.

Jason: How much creative input have you had in your career?
Calvin Richardson: In the past I’ve had about 50% of the creative control which isn’t bad but now I have 100% and I love it!

Jason: What can we expect from the new album?
Calvin Richardson: You can expect songs on my new album that’ll make you love again. For the ones who’ve never known love it’ll teach you how to love. Most of all there is a message of respect for women that’s so needed to understand a woman’s true worth.

Jason: On your first album ‘Country Boy’ you recorded a track with Kci from Jodeci any chance of another duet?
Calvin Richardson: Defiantly, I love Kci there’s no one in the business like him and we’ve worked on several new songs together that I’m excited about.

Jason: Who would you like to work with in the future?
Calvin Richardson: I’d love to work with R Kelly he is such a talented brother.

Jason: Who is in your cd player at the moment?
Calvin Richardson: I have Fantasia in my cd player right now. She’s my favourite, I love her.

Jason: Who would you say is blowing up the UK soul scene at the moment?
Calvin Richardson: I’m really not up on who’s blowing up on the soul scene in the UK as I spend most of time in the USA but while I was there I heard a couple artist I was impressed with.

Jason: You are usually compared to soul greats such as Marvin Gaye & Sam Cooke, How does it feel to be compared to such great artists, can you see the comparison?
Calvin Richardson: It feels great to be compared to any of the greats especially Marvin and Sam I can only hope that one day just like the ones before me my name comes up on the greats list.

Jason: What advice would you give to up & coming artists?
Calvin Richardson: My advice to all up and coming talent out there is stay true to you and your music. If it's good to you it's good enough for anyone. Keep grinding & working hard sooner or later it'll pay off.

Jason: On behalf of myself & the Just Soul team we would like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do an interview with us.... it has been pleasure.

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