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David Mensah
  David Mensah  
David Mensah [May 14th 2007]

New and upcoming soul artist David Mensah has recently played at the Halo in London UK and the event was a huge success. I had the opportunity of interviewing him for Just Soul. This is how it went:

Tracey: David, first of all welcome to Just Soul - I hope all is well with your and yours. You currently live in London. Is this where you were born and can you tell us a little bit about your childhood?
David Mensah: Yes I was born in Hackney, London. I went to primary school in London and then moved to Wales, which was quite a contrast.

Tracey: As a child, what was your earliest recollection of listening to music and which types of music do you enjoy listening to now?
David Mensah: My first exposure to music was through my parents; dad mainly listened to soul and was actually a DJ, mum used to listen to reggae and lovers rock but in those days all of the soul tracks were remixed into reggae. I remember sitting in the back of my dad’s car and feeling the bass go right through me. It was all about the bass. Also I remember my mum having a party and my cousins and I would sneak to the top of the stairs and listen to the music and all the excitement downstairs. I listen to all the usual suspects soul 2 soul, Janet K, Marvin Gaye and most importantly Luther Vandross. It wasn’t until around the time Boys 2 Men came out that I really started to listen to the vocals and try to sing myself.


Tracey: Do you have any other siblings and are any of them musical or are you an only child?
David Mensah: I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. My older sister actually taught me to sing many years ago when I was trying to get in to the school choir. I can still remember her explaining what singing in tune meant lol. My little sister is only 7 now but mum tells me that she is constantly making up songs at home as I used to, so I hold high hopes for her. They are really supportive; we are a very close family.

Tracey: The surname Mensah originates from Ghana. Do you have any Ghanaian relatives?
David Mensah: Yes my Dad is from Ghana. I was made up this year when I was contacted by a Ghanaian radio DJ who is now promoting my music over there. There has been talk of me going over to do a concert. I am really excited so fingers crossed.

Tracey: You recently played at the Halo in London UK. Can you tell us a little bit about the evening and do you have any more gigs planned for the near future?
David Mensah: The event was organised to showcase some new material. I was really happy with the response on the night. Lots of people turned up and the feedback has been fantastic. I can’t wait until the next show.

Tracey: After sharing the stage with the likes of Beverly Knight, Alexander O’Neal, Jimmy Cliff, Damage and Teish O’Day, is there anyone else in particular whom you would love to share the stage with?
David Mensah: One thing I love about music is you never stop learning. Having the opportunity to learn from these artists has been a blessing. There are so many artists that I would like to work with but if I had to name one at the moment I think it would be Pharell as his style is so fresh.

Tracey: What was the first job you ever had?
David Mensah: I had a summer job when I was 16 on a building site. That was one long summer. The work was hard but we had a good laugh.

Tracey: Outside of music, what types of things do you like to do in your spare time and do you get much time for this?
David Mensah: I like to experience new things and I will always give something a try. At the moment music is keeping me very busy and I love it.

Tracey: You were part of a group called “Dark Roses” and had a hit on the UK underground scene with “I Like The Girls.” What was it like hearing your tracks being played in venues for the first time?
David Mensah: I can remember it really clearly. We were invited down to a club by one of the DJ’s (Intrigue) who was playing our track out on Extreme FM. We knew the track was going to be played so went down to see the reaction. When the track started I watched the crowd and after a few tense seconds I could tell they enjoyed it, as the whole place was moving. It was such a good feeling to see people raving to something that you have created.

Tracey: Describe your time with the group and what was the deciding factor in you going solo?
David Mensah: I look back on the time I spent with the group as a fun and exciting time in my life. There were so many lessons that we learned along the way. It wasn’t even straight after leaving the group that I decided to go solo. After spending a couple of years singing vocals on house tracks, I then decided to start to build a career as a solo artist doing the music I love.

Tracey: If I were to cook you a meal right now, what “Food Of Love” would I need to cook you - to entice your taste buds?
David Mensah: Lol hhmmm well just like my music, I love surprises and trying different things and though good old rice and peas seems like the obvious answer, when you hear “Food Of Love”...I think the ideal thing would be something I have never tried before; a new experience will always entice my taste buds. I will try anything at least once – within reason.

Tracey: You have a warm, seductive, melodic sounding voice? Who has been your main musical mentor or inspiration?
David Mensah: Thanks. My main influence, hmmm, I always find it very difficult to pin that down to one person. I have to say first and foremost Luther Vandros for me was the king. He manages to put magic into every song he sings. But like I say there are so many great musicians out there and they all have their part in inspiring. Donnie Hathaway, Johnny Gill, Mary J Blige, Faith Evans, Maxwell, Beverly Knight and the list goes on.

Tracey: Would you describe yourself as a spiritual person?
David Mensah: Yes, at times I can be.

Tracey: On a scale of 1 to 10, how do you feel right now?
David Mensah: 8, I feel really blessed that I am able to be doing something that I love and that continues to challenge me.

Tracey: Are you single? I’m sure many ladies will want to know.
David Mensah: Yep. Though I am married to my music lol.

Tracey: You probably listen to a lot of music. Is there a song, which you particularly like, which you wish you had written yourself?
David Mensah: I often think that when I hear a song. In particular Lauren Hill’s first solo album is what I would describe as perfect for my ears.

Tracey: “Food Of Love”, “Only” and “My Day” are tracks playing on your My Space page. I admire the lyrics in these. Do you write your own lyrics? If so, could you make up a couple of lines now for us here at Just Soul?
David Mensah: LMAO – Yes I do write my own lyrics. Err ummm...

Tracey: Where would you like to see yourself in 10 years time?
David Mensah: Well to be honest I really try to live as much as possible in the moment because tomorrow is not promised. But I think it is safe to say I would love to be making more music, working with inspirational artists and sharing this music with as many people as possible.

Tracey: You have a My Space profile – can you give our readers your add for this and is there anything else you would like to finish off saying to us here?
David Mensah:
Just want to say thank you to Just Soul for supporting soul music. I love your site.

Just Soul always supports quality music, so many thanks for your time and giving us this interview. It’s been a pleasure getting to know more about David Mensah and I look forward to hearing more.

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