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Joslyn [November 1st 2006]

Dwight: First of all I want to thank you for doing this interview with me. Before becoming a solo project, you collaborated with house DJ producer Kaskade. How did they come about?
Joslyn: Rob and Craig co-wrote and produced the first single "What I Say" which led to many other singles which they involved me on as the lead vocalist. It all started as friends getting together to write and produce some cool stuff.

Dwight: How was it like working with him?
Joslyn: It was a great opportunity to collaborate, because it ultimately led to the "Joslyn" project. Everyone had something to offer and we just did our thing.


Dwight: Your track "At the same time" is so hypnotic and is definitely one of my favorites. How did this song come about?
Joslyn: That track came from a solid chorus idea we had dug on for quite a while. it originally had a straight-up r&b groove, but we knew we wanted it to feel more intimate and artistic. So we brought in a couple of our friends to help us get that feel, Yoni Gileadi (drums) and David Halliday (sax). The theme of the song is basically a girl falling for a guy when she didn't even think she needed a love at that time. You know, all seems good enough, but when feelings are just "too" right, the moment can be "that" powerful.

Dwight: How do you feel about the current trend of R&B music? Are you pleased with it or are you disappointed in it?
Joslyn: Maybe a little disappointed. I think with music in general you have to search out what you like. There is so much good stuff out there and you can't just count on the mainstream of anything to give it to you. I think people look for music in so many different ways. Some are satisfied to get it from Radio or TV and some really search out artists and look for things that nobody else really knows about.

Dwight: If you had the opportunity to work with your favorite singer or singers, who would it be?
Joslyn: Oh Wow, that's a hard question. Let's just list.Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, Jill Scott, John Legend, Van Hunt, and Prince (just to name a few). Hey, you said singers!!

Dwight: Rob and Craig, how did the both of you collaborate?
Rob & Craig: Well, we've been writing opposite each other for a long time. We're cousins, coming from a very musical family, so that's where it really started for us. We have three records previously released under the moniker "Jibe (Project)". Collaborating for us through the years has usually happened one of two ways; one of us brings an idea to the table, and we develop it from there, or we sit down with the acoustic guitar or Rhodes when the inspiration hits.

Dwight: Rob, have you done any solo work?
Rob: Not actually any solo albums if you will, previous to Joslyn. The Jibe (Project) records were my personal musical focus before. I did sing quite a few tracks for Kaskade that were successful, and I have a "house" project that I am developing with him right now called "the Sellars". That stuff is sounding pretty cool.

Dwight: Will there be a future album with Joslyn, Rob and Craig?
Rob & Craig: Definitely! We are always creating and writing new material. It has been such an experience to work with Craig and Rob. We have such great chemistry and that's not easy to find. We have to do it again.

Dwight: Your track "Jackie's playin' tonight" seems to have a double meaning. It can be interpreted as just going out playing and performing but it can also mean that she is "playing the field." Was this done on purpose?
Rob: You're right. One can interpret this song in a number of ways, and that's how this song should be taken. The song is really about having a good time, in the place to be. ".and all the boys will never rest, if you wear your caramel dress." could mean: "girl, you look so hot in that dress, ain't no man gonna stop thinkin' about ya for the rest of the night !!

Dwight: So exactly who is Jackie?
Joslyn: Lol...Whomever you want her to be!!

Dwight: Craig, what other projects have you worked on?
Craig: I have produced several independent artists which I love doing. It feels good to add my own production style to someone's music. It brings me a lot of satisfaction to see a project come to life. I am currently producing an artist from Canada called "Freddy". His stuff has a very Britt pop vibe and he is an incredible writer. I am really excited about it.

Dwight: Joslyn and Rob I must commend on your voices. They sound excellent and it seems like the both of you feed off from each other when you are on the microphone such as in "Jackie's playin' tonight" and "At the same time." Does this chemistry help you when you write your songs?
Rob: Ya, it has. I've truly learned a lot about Joslyn's talents, which has helped our music evolve. We're trying to step even further vocally with our new stuff, and I think that's what will give us an undeniable and original sound, unlike anyone else.
Joslyn: Every time I get into the studio with Rob I learn. I think to myslef, "how am I soundin' good next to this dude!" Robs phrasing and emotional timing is something to take note of. I feel lucky to share tracks with a vocalist like Rob. He makes me sound better!

Dwight: Are all your songs that you composed from personal experiences?
Rob: I would say, indirectly, yes. Some from our very own histories, or at least from people we know well, or from impacting movies or books we've read. I think that's how most people would compose.

Dwight: From Justsoul I would like to thank you so much for this interview and wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
Joslyn, Rob & Craig: Thanks for the support!!!

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