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Maylyn Murphy
  Maylyn Murphy  
Maylyn Murphy [September 19th 2006]

Maylyn Murphy is a Jazzy, Bluesy vocalist and pianist who has lived all over the world and learnt Tagalog, Japanese and English along her journeys. Maylyn currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts, US.

Tracey: Hi Maylyn, Just Soul welcomes you to their ever-growing musical family. How has your day been so far?
Maylyn Murphy: My day has been pretty productive, thank you for asking!

Tracey: One of your musical influences is Eva Cassidy, an artist I admire and whom I would have loved to have seen play live. Which artist, who is no longer living, would you love to have seen play live?
Maylyn Murphy: Aside from Eva Cassidy, Billie Holiday. Her voice sounds so pure in all the recordings. She had something so unique.

Tracey: Your surname Murphy is slang for ‘potato’ - from an Irish surname. Which do you prefer – new potatoes or mashed potato? :)
Maylyn Murphy: I prefer new potatoes. I’m actually a baked potato girl. Love them!

Tracey: Do you see anyone making a unique contribution to music right now?
Maylyn Murphy: I think John Legend has a very unique sound about him. Going back to the instrumental piano, which I absolutely love and he doesn’t sound like anyone but himself. I’m a big fan.


Tracey: You have worked with some big names like P. Diddy, Patti LaBelle, Usher and Lil’ Kim. Have any of these artists had an effect on you or your work?
Maylyn Murphy: Actually, when I got to perform with Patti Labelle, I sang back up for her, it was amazing how much strength she had as a vocalist and is still able to have that long lasting star quality. I think she’s influenced me to do music that will last and is not just here for the moment.

Tracey: I have read you say you “I never learnt the piano because you constantly learn along the way”. Which pianists have been an influence to you as an artist and why?
Maylyn Murphy: Bruce Hornsby mostly and then there’s Chick Corea. These players have their own sense of style and you can identify whom they are when they play. Uniqueness is what captures me the most and that is what they are.

Tracey: You have hosted a TV show called ‘International Rhythms’. Is TV work something you will continue to do?
Maylyn Murphy: I would love to continue with TV Work - more on the lines of hosting some sort of Music Show. I think acting is second to my music.

Tracey: You have spent time as a model. Can you tell us a little bit about that time?
Maylyn Murphy: I actually started very young in Japan for Hair Salons then moved on to acting. I went to classes to learn the techniques of modelling but I think that modelling is something that I wanted to experience but it was short lived. People still ask me if I still want to model. I say if I can do an endorsement for some makeup product or even instrumental brand, sure! Why not :)

Tracey: Renowned Jazz musician Miles Donahue produced your recent album. What is it about Jazz, which you particularly like?
Maylyn Murphy: I love Jazz because it’s timeless. Not everyone can do jazz and I think that maybe it’s something that I grew up listening to.

Tracey: You attended high school in Japan. Have you returned there recently at all and is it a place where you would like to go back to some day?
Maylyn Murphy: I haven’t been back for a little while, but I would definitely love to return.

Tracey: What would you say is your most attractive feature?
Maylyn Murphy: Wow, this question is sort of hard because I never really found myself attractive. Can I say my mind?

Tracey: If you had to chose only one item to take on tour with you, what would that item be & why?
Maylyn Murphy: It would have to be my keyboard. I usually play my keyboard when I want to write something or to just clear my thoughts. It makes me happy. That’s all I need.

Tracey: You have had a culturally diverse childhood. This will have contributed to you as a person now. Is this something you would encourage if you had a family of your own?
Maylyn Murphy: Yes, definitely. I think growing up in different cultures has made me experience things early in my life that most people experience in a lifetime. I feel very blessed and I always encourage it.

Tracey: You attended one of the best music colleges in the world – Berklee in Boston. Do you still stay in touch with your college friends?
Maylyn Murphy: Yes, I do. I have a couple of best friends that I still perform with and I keep in touch with some other classmates who have really done well in the music business. I’m hoping to be the next. :)

Tracey: What is your favourite comedy programme?
Maylyn Murphy: I like watching comics on Comedy Central. Right now, my favourite program on TV is The Family Guy.

Tracey: ‘In My Life’ was your first full-length album. Did you have fun making it or was it a stressful experience?
Maylyn Murphy: “In My Life” was very stressful for me because there were so many great musicians on that album and it was rather intimidating. When the Album was done I was relieved and just honoured to have worked with some great names. It definitely prepared me for my new Album, which is “Body & Soul”.

Tracey: Anything else we should know from you?
Maylyn Murphy: Yes, please if you have the chance to go to my website and check out my new album “Body & Soul”. I really had a great time doing that album and I want the world to know that I love all sorts of music. Not only Jazz but everything. I’m pretty open-minded.

Tracey: On behalf of Just Soul, thank you for completing this interview and we wish you continued success.

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