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Kimberly Holloway
  Kimberly Holloway  
Kimberly Holloway [September 7th 2006]

Singer, songwriter and musician, Kimberly Holloway, has been exercising her tonsils since she was three years of age and has lent her vocal & instrumental talents to many bands along her musical journey. Kimberly, may I first of all thank you for completing this interview, we appreciate you taking time out.

Tracey: Hi Kimberly. Welcome to Just Soul. You have moved to Los Angeles. How’s life in LA right now?
Kimberly Holloway: Life in LA is wonderful.

Tracey: You have been singing since the age of three. What types of music did you listen to as a child?
Kimberly Holloway: I listened to Soul, Jazz, Funk and Classical Music.

Tracey: Could you please tell us a little bit about your family and how they have influenced your career?
Kimberly Holloway: I have 5 brothers and 2 sisters. All of which are very talented in their areas of life. I am proud of all of them.


Tracey: Your self-entitled album is on the Soulmate Record label, your publishing company being Nefertiti Music. Nefertiti of course, is the most well known Egyptian Queen, renowned for her beauty and co-ruler and wife of Akhenaten. Your dress on the front of the album, your hair and look are also beautiful. Is this a connection you are aware of?
Kimberly Holloway: Nefertiti was a name I was called by many while in College. It was a name given to me by my musical Sorority, Tau Beta Sigma National Honorary Band Sorority, Inc. The name stuck with me. The way I dress is an outward manifestation of how proud I am of my ancestors and my culture.

Tracey: You strike a pose on the front of your album, where you are cross-legged, looking at your hands. What is the significance of that pose?
Kimberly Holloway: I was actually praying for a good photo shoot and the photographer captured the shot. I felt so connected to our surroundings out there on that mountain, and we chose it for the album cover.

Tracey: Where were you born and did you have a happy childhood?
Kimberly Holloway: I was born in Boston, Ma – then later lived in St. Petersburg, FL, then Tallahassee, FL for college and then to Atlanta, GA. Yes, I had a fabulous childhood.

Tracey: Do you cover any songs, if so which is your favourite cover & why?
Kimberly Holloway: I’ve done a few covers. My favourites would be ‘Get Up’ and ‘Infinite Possibilities’ by Amel Larrieux. I feel that she is a phenomenal artist and the lyrics of these songs speak to me, due to its positive and inspiring nature. I have also done ‘Casanova Brown’ by one of my favourite artists of all time…Teena Marie.

Tracey: If I said your ‘Music got me high’, there’s a ‘Unity’ and ‘Something about you’ which reminds me of an ‘African Queen’. One day you will be a ‘Superstar’ once you ‘Initially’ tear those ‘Walls’ down and listen out for those ‘Distant Cries’ – your album would have inspired me to say that to you. Which song do you like most on your album & why?
Kimberly Holloway: Well, writing songs and completing them are like having children. You can’t name 1 of your children as a favourite. I love all of my songs. They express whatever I was feeling at the time that I wrote them and for different reasons.

Tracey: Who are your greatest jazz/soul influences at the moment?
Kimberly Holloway: My Jazz/Soul influences are Sarah Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald, Rachelle Ferrell, Dianne Reeves, Teena Marie and Chaka Khan.

Tracey: Names fascinate me and the origin of your first name (Kimberly/Kimberley) comes from a city in central South Africa, which was besieged for 126 days during the Boer war. Did you know this and do you have any recent connections with Africa?
Kimberly Holloway: The name Kimberly? Wow, no I didn’t know that. I have researched that name and did not come up with that at all.

Tracey: Do you remember your first ever performance and can you describe how you felt, compared to how you feel now when you perform?
Kimberly Holloway: I believe my first performance was in Church as a child. I was nervous but excited to get on the stage. That has not changed. I love to perform and embrace the ‘pre-show jitters’ because that’s what keeps you humble. It’s a blessing.

Tracey: Where were you when you first heard a track of yours on the radio?
Kimberly Holloway: I was riding in the car.

Tracey: What would your ideal night out be?
Kimberly Holloway: Performing for a beautiful crowd and meeting my fans afterwards.

Tracey: Do you have any children or do you hope to have some one-day?
Kimberly Holloway: Yes, I have 2 beautiful sons, Tariq and Bahari. They are my everything!

Tracey: What is a typical days routine for you at the moment?
Kimberly Holloway: Getting my children ready for their day, working on new music, taking my sons to football practice, cooking dinner and getting them ready for bed!

Tracey: You graduated from FAMU (Florida A& M University). Do you still have connections with there and has studying been a good foundation for what you are doing now?
Kimberly Holloway: Yes, I am very active with the FAMU Marching 100 Alumni Association. I still keep in touch with members of the music department. FAMU was a wonderful foundation as I was taught many valuable lessons that assisted in the artist that I am today.

Tracey: You love performing and like to connect to your audience in a witty way. What inspires your sense of humour?
Kimberly Holloway: I believe it was just a natural progression from childhood. I have very funny siblings. One in particular who I know would be a superstar comedian!

Tracey: What do you have planned for the remainder of 2006?
Kimberly Holloway: Continue to work on my music as I am constantly writing songs, and I hope to book many performances in the near future.

Tracey: Is there anything else you would like to tell us all here at Just Soul?
Kimberly Holloway: I would like to thank everyone at Just Soul for reaching out and allowing me to be a part of your movement.

Tracey: Thanks Kimberly, it’s been a pleasure interviewing you.

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