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Patrick J. Lewis
  Patrick J. Lewis  
Patrick J. Lewis [September 2nd 2006]

Inspirational songwriter/lyricist and author Patrick J Lewis released a book and CD this year, which engages the mind and inspires the Soul. Patrick is a licensed minister, currently living in Georgia, USA. First of all thank you for completing this; I appreciate your time in giving Just Soul an interview.

Tracey: Hi & welcome to Just Soul. I would like to start by saying are you having a good day?
Patrick J. Lewis: I am having a wonderful day Tracey. Thanks for asking!

Tracey: Could you please tell us who your musical influences are at the moment?
Patrick J. Lewis: My musical influences are The Clark Sisters, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Kem, Bilal, and Kindred.

Tracey: Who are your poetic influences?
Patrick J. Lewis: David V. Brooks and Lin Ross, both of New York.

Tracey: You currently live in Lithonia, Georgia USA. Is this where you were born?
Patrick J. Lewis: No, I am from Columbia, S.C.

Tracey: How do you go about writing your lyrics and are they autobiographical?
Patrick J. Lewis: I write about my life experiences whether painful or happy. Yes they are autobiographical.


Tracey: Can you please describe a typical day in your life at the moment?
Patrick J. Lewis: I am an early riser; I have my daily prayer & meditation using “Called to Conquer” daily devotional by Bishop Eddie Long. Check and reply to Emails and then off to work as a Marketing Director.

Tracey: Do you take your poetry on stage tours or have any plans to do this?
Patrick J. Lewis: Yes, I started in July 2006 in Ohio and SC. I plan to take the book and CD on tour on international stages and venues.

Tracey: You have written your first book and called it ‘Poetry and Spirit’. When did you first start writing poetry and what inspired you to start writing?
Patrick J. Lewis: I started writing in May 2005 after attending a Men’s Conference in Charlotte, N.C. With the Nation of Jesus and Bishop Eddie Long.

Tracey: Presently, you are a single man with no children. Have you ever been married?
Patrick J. Lewis: No, never been married.

Tracey: You have served and retired from the US Air Force and are now a licensed minister. Could you tell me what your very first job was?
Patrick J. Lewis: My first job was in a Hospital Dietary Department.

Tracey: What was your role in the US Air Force and have you ever sung ‘You’ve Got That Loving Feeling’ to a lady (Top Gun!)? :)
Patrick J. Lewis: I was the Non Commissioned Officer in Charge of the Chaplaincy office, providing administration, worship and counselling, for the spiritual readiness of the soldiers. No never had the opportunity to sing that (smile).

Tracey: During your time in the Forces and operations in Desert Shield, you will have been to Saudi Arabia. Which other countries have you been to and which would you like to return to and why?
Patrick J. Lewis: Jordan, Guam, Japan, Germany, France, and Korea. I would love to return to Europe. I didn’t get a chance to really explore the European music culture during, by tenure.

Tracey: Do you play any instruments yourself?
Patrick J. Lewis: No, I don’t play.

Tracey: At home and as a child, whose music did your parents play?
Patrick J. Lewis: My Mom, Lessie was a huge musical influence on me. Mom used to play Aretha Franklin, Rufus, Chaka Khan, Frankie Beverly, Maze, Patti Labelle, Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Angela Bofill, and Roberta Flack.

Tracey: Your album is called ‘Warrior’ made with the group “The Rhythm of Life”. The title bourn, I guess, from your times in the Armed Forces. A Gospel Soul CD, having poetic verse and a sexy feel. Who are you a warrior for /what are your ideas behind the title – or is it as obvious as it seems in the album?
Patrick J. Lewis: I am a warrior for the Kingdom of God and all its Children. I do that by spreading love, inspiration, and a message about real life and reconciliation to those who find themselves “spiritually disconnected”. By dealing with relationship struggles we all face in life, I convey affirmations of love through poetry and music.

Tracey: What has been the highlight of your year so far?
Patrick J. Lewis: The release of my book ‘Poetry and Spirit’ and the completion of its musical compilation set to jazz entitled “Warrior” Apr2006.

Tracey: As a recent lover of poetry, could you please give Just Soul’s readers some poetic inspiration from Patrick J Lewis?
Patrick J. Lewis: Follow your heart and spirit within
If you don’t take a chance, you can’t win
There will be ups and downs, pits and falls
God will enable you to get through them all
Be the King and Queen you are destined to be
In the end, your soul will be free.

Tracey: That was good – thank you! Do you have plans for any other projects and do you have anything else you would like to say to us here at Just Soul?
Patrick J. Lewis: I plan to promote seminars, and conferences for young men and women who need guidance and healing through poetry and music. I also plan to do collaborations with other Poets and Jazz musicians. I would also love to tour England in 2007! Just Soul: You are TRUE Visionaries! Thank you for your insightful gesture and giving me this forum to share my artistry! Stay true to your dreams; success will follow.

Tracey: Thank you for kind words and time. On behalf of Just Soul, I wish you success in your Christian and musical journey.

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