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Barrington S. Henderson
  Barrington Scott Henderson  
Barrington Scott Henderson [August 6th 2006]

Barrington Scott Henderson (Bo as he is affectionately known) is a solo artist who has been in renowned groups such as the Dramatics, Lakeside and the Temptations.

Tracey: Hi Bo, may I first of all thank you for giving Just Soul this interview. It is a pleasure for me to interview someone with such a smooth, romantic, soulful voice - umn! You were born in Washington and raised in LA. Where are you currently living?
Barrington Scott Henderson: Las Vegas, NV.

Tracey: On your website it says the words ‘Keep learning, loving and listening’. I’d like the readers of Just Soul to learn a little bit about Barrington Scott Henderson. Please tell me a little about yourself. Are you married? Do you have a family of your own? Can you tell me what you are like as a person?
Barrington Scott Henderson: No, I am not married - happily divorced - and yes I do have a family. I am complex, but as down to earth as they come.


Tracey: You have a very British sounding name. Where does your name originate?
Barrington Scott Henderson: My dear grandmother (bless her heart) gave me my first name and my mother gave me my middle name.

Tracey: Are you feeling loved in 2006 or in need of a bit of love?
Barrington Scott Henderson: Yes, I’m in need of love - universally speaking.

Tracey: You have recorded with people like Roy Ayers, Spyro Gyra & Denise Williams. Any plans in the near future to record with anyone else?
Barrington Scott Henderson: I’m open for it - anything is possible.

Tracey: Your mother, Joyce, was a jazz vocalist. This must have made a big impression on you as you were growing up. Was anyone else in your family musical?
Barrington Scott Henderson: My stepfather - James Vaughn was a jazz pianist.

Tracey: Your professional career started in the 80’s. How did that come about? What gave you your first breakthrough into the music world?
Barrington Scott Henderson: My first breakthrough came (which started my professional career) through a management contact to work with the Dramatics.

Tracey: What is the one thing you value most in life?
Barrington Scott Henderson: God!

Tracey: As a member of the Temptations from 1998-2003, what was the temptation in becoming a solo artist?
Barrington Scott Henderson: Having full expression of my music.

Tracey: With being in three groups previously (The Dramatics, Lakeside and the Temptations) and having the company of the other guys, how does it feel to be a solo performer?
Barrington Scott Henderson: It’s challenging, but free - again having full expression is what I appreciate.

Tracey: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time, which hobbies do you have? Do you play any basketball?
Barrington Scott Henderson: Writing songs - shooting pool is a hobby and yes I do play basketball.

Tracey: Tell me a little bit about your solo album "Best Kept Secret"? Do you have a favourite track from the album?
Barrington Scott Henderson: ‘Sorry’ would be my favourite track from Best Kept Secret.

Tracey: So, what is the secret, or shortly to be - the ex-secret (he, he)?
Barrington Scott Henderson: My song writing and producing abilities.

Tracey: What/who makes you laugh?
Barrington Scott Henderson: I make myself laugh.

Tracey: Paella or Pizza? Red Wine or Beer?
Barrington Scott Henderson: Pizza - Light Beer.

Tracey: Bo, you are a singer, performer, writer and producer. Where do you find the inspiration for all your creativity? Is it something, which comes naturally to you?
Barrington Scott Henderson: I get my inspiration from Life.

Tracey: Thank you for completing this interview and I wish you continued success for the years ahead. From our little part of the universe here at Just Soul, I hope you are feeling the love we feel for you & your music.

Bo informed me he is currently working on some new material & hopes to have the opportunity of performing on this side of the world again - let’s hope so.

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