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Nate James
  Nate James  
Nate James [February 17th 2006]

Nate James was named as the Male Act to look out for this year, 2006, by one of the English daily newspapers. I had the opportunity of getting to interview him for Just Soul.

Tracey: Hi Nate. Can I first of all thank you for your time in giving Just Soul this interview, I appreciate the opportunity to hold the interview with you. Do you feel people are getting the message with your album ďSet The ToneĒ?
Nate James: Iíd like to think so. Put a lot of blood, sweat Ďní tears into it to create a sound that was me, was different to what was out there and that would take people back to their Soul roots.

Tracey: You are from Woodbridge, Ipswich, England. Is this where you are based now and was this a good place to promote your music at the early stages of your career?
Nate James: It was a great place to get inspiration for writing the album. My ex-girlfriend lived there as well as all my friends and family, so was and still is a special place for me. Everyone has to start somewhere and I feel the tranquillity of Woodbridge cleared my mind. I had to move to London for my music as I had signed and had to be based there. East London is where I live now and Iím loviní it.


Tracey: You were mentioned in one of the daily papers at the beginning of the year, as the male act to look out for in 2006? How did that feel?
Nate James: Feels amazing. A great honour! Had a very exciting year last year and this one looks to be pretty hot too. Thereís so much stuff going on. Itís a very exciting time for me!!

Tracey: How are you feeling about life right now? Are you feeling loved up, or in need of a bit of love?
Nate James: Definitely in need of love. Can get a lilí lonely on the road etc! I enjoy my own company, but itís nice to have a special someone in your life right? Still, having a lilí fun though, ha ha! Iím very happy with my life right now.

Tracey: You have a distinctive hair cut and I am beginning to see a few Nate James look-alikes. This has been a style of the past, whose look-alike do you think you are?
Nate James: Iíve seen a couple of look a likes too. Bit of a shame when people canít find their own identity, but if Iím an influence, itís a compliment. Iíve been told I look a little like Maxwell and Lenny Kravitz, which is pretty cool to say the least.

Tracey: At what age did you start writing songs and what was the name of the very first song you wrote and did you like it?
Nate James: Canít remember the name of it, but I was a heartbroken thirteen year old and had a big crush on this girl called Leah in the year above me, but she said I was too young. I was proud of the tune, but canít remember how it goes.

Tracey: You were previously signed to Warner Brothers, whilst in a group called Notorious. How did you become to be a solo artist with a different label?
Nate James: The group got caught up in label politics and we left the label. I stuck with the group and then went solo a year later. Just wanted to do my own thang! Concentrated on writing my tunes and had meetings with various labels before settling with this one. Learnt a lot about the business from an early age, so did things the right way this time.

Tracey: You enjoy dancing as well as singing. Is this something you have done from an early age?
Nate James: Yeah, Iíve always been a bit of a performer. Itís a great energy release. Been doing it since I was about 5 or 6 years old.

Tracey: What was the first record of yours, which you heard on the radio?
Nate James: My first single on the radio was ďSet The ToneĒ. I was at my Managerís house when we heard it and we were both jumping around like crazy dudes!!!

Tracey: I enjoy your version of Stevie Wonderís ďLatelyĒ. Stevie must be one of your influences in music. In what way would you like your music be an influence to others?
Nate James: Stevie is a huge influence. The whole Motown era is a big thing for me. Iíd like to be an influence by showing people that you donít need to go down conventional routes to get where you wanna be, itís all about perseverance and passion!

Tracey: Have your parents always supported your career, or have they tried to persuade you to do Ďa proper jobí?
Nate James: My parents have been behind me all the way. If it werenít for them, I wouldnít be here! They just wanted me to get all I needed to go to Uni. From then, they let me chase this dream. Have to thank Ďem for that.

Tracey: You say thank you to a lot of people in your debut CD. Are you a naturally grateful kind of a guy?
Nate James: I think so. Many people overlook those who helped them get to a place in life where they feel happy. Itís been a long road for me to get here, so had to say hey to all my peeps Ė and I talk for Britain. So had to say a lilí piece about each. Far as Iím concerned, nothing is promised in this world, so go for what you want and thank those along the way.

Tracey: Your first album is funky and soulful, which I like. Iíve heard you were planning on doing a deep Soul album as your 2nd album. Is this still the plan?
Nate James: The next album will be more chilled, but just as versatile and exciting. Canít wait to get it out there!

Tracey: Soul music comes in many forms and shades. Is there a song you could pick, which is classed as Soul, which you donít think should be and vice-versa?
Nate James: I donít really like to pigeonhole music. Itís there for the listening and enjoyment. So many artists have soulful voices, but arenít classed as such. Bottom line is I think everyone has Soul (even the cheeky girls, he he!!).

Tracey: If you were cooking a meal for that special lady in your life, what would you be cooking up (or what would you like her to cook you)?
Nate James: I love seafood, so a phat Paella would be what Iíd cook and like to eat. Muscles, big prawns, squid, fishÖ.ummÖlove it!

Tracey: What kind of films do you like to see at the cinema and when was the last time you went to the cinema?
Nate James: I like films like the Matrix, action films, and ones that make you think. I also love comedy. The last film I saw was ĎBig Mommaís House 2í in the States. Funny as hell.

Tracey: Is there a special venue, where you havenít played, but have always wanted to play and can you name me one person who youíd like to perform alongside you at that venue?
Nate James: I would love to perform at the new Wembley Stadium. Iím thinking Alicia Keys or Joss Stone. That would be a show and a half.

Tracey: I think the Soul/funk scene in England is really beginning to get the recognition it deserves. What will Nate James be doing in 2006 to further this?
Nate James: Heíll keep doing his thang! Doing live sets, enjoying every minute and hope everyone comes for the ride!

Tracey: Thanks Nate, enjoyed that. On behalf of Just Soul, I thank you for completing the interview. Enjoy your year ahead and it would be good to catch up with you when you are next in Yorkshire and get the opportunity to do a gig review for the Just Soul site.

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