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Ola Onabule
  Ola Onabule  
Ola Onabule

Ola Onabule - full name Olatunji, Olubenga, Omotayo, Olanrewaju, Adetokunbo, Abdul, Majeed, Onabule - was born in London, England to Nigerian parents - the first of six siblings. At the age of seven, his parents took him to their homeland of Nigeria, which is where he spent the next 10 years of his life attending Aiyetoro Comprehensive High School, Ogun State. Being a natural performer, Ola joined the school drama group and choral band and performed in school productions and was known to his chums as ‘Gramophone’, because they need only name a tune and he would sing it to them from beginning to end. Ola returned to England and trained to become a lawyer at University, dropping out in his final year to pursue a degree in Art at Middlesex University. Soon realising his passions were not in the court room, but in halls filled with people coming to see him perform as an artist, he taught himself guitar and started doing gigs in and around London, inspired by James Brown & Fela Anikulapo Kuti. His first band was called ‘The Diplomats’. Electra Records (US) soon spotted his talents, and signed him up to an album deal, which regrettably ended a year later. In 1994, Ola set up his own record label, which he runs with Maria Avgoulis, called ‘Rugged Ram Records’ and released his first single named ‘You’d Better Believe’ and his debut album ‘More Soul Than Sense’ followed in 1995.


Up to June 2006, Ola has released a further 4 CD’s, which are ‘From Meaning Beyond Definition’ in 1997, ‘Precious Libations for Silent Gods’ in 1999, ‘Ambitions for Deeper Breadth’ in 2002 and ‘In Emergency Brake Silence’ in 2004. Many of his tracks also appear on various Soul compilation albums. A live CD/DVD is in production stages at the moment and he is currently on with his 6th studio album. An artist with a social conscience, Ola dedicated his ‘Precious Libations for Silent Gods’ CD to Stephen Lawrence, the black teenager who lost his life to racist thugs. Hippi Baldwin mastered the latest CD ‘In Emergency Brake Silence’ at the Metropolis Studios, London and combines Soul, Funk, Jazz along with Ola’s African influences. Writing and producing his own work, as well as for other artists. Most recently co writing and producing an album for Polly Gibbons, a highly talented, young Jazz/Soul artist and has toured England, Ireland, France and America this year, promoting ‘In Emergency Brake Silence’ which was released in Europe and the US. This artist is at home on stage, performing to an audience. He is an extremely talented, passionate Soul man, as well as a talented showman. Achievements include various TV ads and voice-overs, opening for people such as Al Jarreau, George Michael, Gladys Knight, Tower Of Power and Natalie Cole and his band of musicians regularly play with the likes of Craig David, Tom Jones, Beverly Knight and Roy Ayres. Ola has performed arias for the Royal Opera House and has recently been commissioned to write a new aria for the Royal Opera House by Nitro, due to be performed in 2007 and also has sponsorship from Shure Microphones - which is quite rare for an Independent Artist. Ola was the sole performer at David and Victoria Beckham’s wedding. The band had been booked for a private gig and only became aware of who it was actually for, when the media hype caught onto where the Beckhams were getting married. With a 4-octave range voice, which will seduce you like a honeydew melon on a hot summer’s day and classic Old Soul sound which is young and fresh in feel musically to feed the appetite of a whole range of ages and tastes, he has truly mastered his trade. When asked how do you relax? Ola has been quoted as saying “music is my relaxation”. You could hear his music being played in Café Nero in 2006 and he’s never to be found with time on his hands. As one of his songs ‘How’ on his debut album says ‘Ile labo Simi Ise re’ - a saying in Yoruba, the language of his Nigerian origins which means ‘in life there is always struggle…the truly blessed rest at home’. An artist who is indeed truly blessed with a strong, emotionally passionate voice and graces us the audience with over 100 gigs a year with his band of excellent musicians, we should be very proud of this gracious British gentleman, long may his music continue.


Tracey Cope [Just Soul]

More Soul Than Sense (1995) [Rugged Ram]

  1. Lonely
  2. You'd Better Believe
  3. Funkberry Jam
  4. Forever Girl
  5. Re-define Me
  6. Before Your Love
  7. Trust Is All
  8. Questions
  9. Lie
  10. Carry On
  11. Bringing Love Back
  12. Show Me Love
  13. You
  14. Unchain
More Soul Than Sense
More Soul Than Sense
From Meaning, Beyond Definition (1997) [Rugged Ram]

  1. You Summarize
  2. It's Never Over
  3. Anyone
  4. African Sun
  5. Inner City Dark Tan
  6. You Will Be
  7. All For You
  8. Love Will Come Back
  9. How
  10. You Don't Know
From Meaning, Beyond...
From Meaning, Beyond Definition
Precious Libations For Silent Gods (1999) [Rugged Ram]

  1. Out There
  2. Heartbreak Ghetto
  3. Picture
  4. Twice As Much
  5. Stay Here Forever
  6. Birthday Funk
  7. Heart Of Mine
  8. Precious Libations
  9. If You Knew
  10. Never Alone
  11. I'm Gonna Know You
  12. Toads And Distant Dogs
  13. When I Look At You
  14. John's Birthday Reprise
Precious Libations For...
Precious Libations For Silent Gods
Ambitions For Deeper Breadth (2002) [Rugged Ram]

  1. Closer
  2. One Life
  3. W.O.W
  4. Wonderful Thing
  5. All Good
  6. Lagos Boy
  7. Like Him
  8. He Says
  9. We Don't Know
  10. Changed
  11. Catch Me
  12. Gone
Ambitions For Deeper...
Ambitions For Deeper Breadth
In Emergency, Brake Silence (2004) [Orchard]

  1. Soul Town
  2. Parallel Universe
  3. Heart of Lead
  4. Savoir Faire
  5. Thanks
  6. Love Affair
  7. Going Away
  8. Enough
  9. Alive Tonight
  10. You Can
  11. Need To Know
  12. Forgiven
In Emergency, Brake...
In Emergency, Brake Silence
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