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Musiq Soulchild
  Musiq Soulchild  
Musiq Soulchild

Musiq Soulchild was born Talib Johnson in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and grew up the oldest of nine children. As a kid, he used to play the role of "beat box" with his own voice accompanying a lot of other soloists and groups. He very soon adopted the name "Musiq" that people gave him.
Talib didn't finished high school but he was able to participate in Philly's music scene: he performed at showcases such as "Wilhemina's" and "the Five Spot". His performances allowed his management team, Jerome Hipps and Michael McArthur, better known as Mama's Boys, to promote him and draw producers' attention. They finally got labels' attention so that Talib could sign with Def Jam and its "sister" label Def Soul.


In 2000, his debut album saw the light: "Aijuswannaseing", which mean "I just want to sing", was released under the name "Musiq Soulchild". It was produced by Carvin Higgins and James Poyser and recorded in large part at the Touch of Jazz studios. It got exposure in USA mainly on the more underground music video networks, MTV2 and BET, and went platinum. His singles "Just Friends (Sunny)" and "Love" got good airplay on urban radio stations, "Just Friends" also appeared on the soundtrack to "Nutty Professor II".
Musiq spent almost the whole of 2001 on tour alone, supporting the album and doing shows in and out of the States. His sounds captured audience of people in fascinating places such as New Orleans' House Of Blues.
In 2002 Musiq released his sophomore album "Juslisen", which means "Just listen". Rising stars such as Eric Roberson, Aarier and Carol Riddick were featured on that album. Two singles , "Halfcrazy" and "Dontchange" came from his second album and got substantial airplay during the year on VH1 Soul, MTV and several urban radio stations.
During 2003 Musiq sang the chorus in Roots' "Break You Off" and Carlos Santana's "Nothing At All" before releasing his third album entitled "Soulstar". Worth mentioning is a wonderful "Forthenight", a duet with Bilal.
Musiq's music is influenced by '70s Soul (especially by Stevie Wonder, Patty Labelle, James Brown, Sly & The Family Stone, Marvin Gaye and Donny Hathaway) but also by funk and hip-hop and represents another important test for the NeoSoul movement.


Claudio Balestrino [Just Soul]

Aijuswanaseing (2000) [Def Soul]

  1. Scratch Introlude
  2. Girl Next Door
  3. You and Me
  4. Just Friends (Sunny)
  5. Mary Go Round
  6. 143
  7. Love
  8. My Girl
  9. Musiq Soulchild (Interlude)
  10. Seventeen
  11. L' Is Gone
  12. Speechless
  13. Poparatzi
  14. Settle for My Love (Intermission)
  15. You Be Alright
My Heart
Juslisen (2002) [Def Soul]

  1. Scratch (Introlude)
  2. Newness
  3. Caughtup
  4. Stoplayin
  5. Religious
  6. Halfcrazy
  7. Time
  8. Future
  9. Intermission: Juslisen
  10. Realove
  11. Onenight
  12. Previouscats
  13. Solong
  14. Bestfriend
  15. Dontchange
  16. Motherfather
  17. Something
  18. Ifiwouldaknew
Soulstar (2003) [Def Soul]

  1. Soulstar
  2. Youloveme
  3. Womanopoly
  4. Forthenight
  5. Infatueighties
  6. Whoknows
  7. Babymother
  8. Missyou
  9. Moment in Life
  10. Thereason
  11. Dontstop
  12. Her
  13. Romancipation
  14. Givemorelove/Leaveamessage
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