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Michael Johnson
  Michael Johnson  
Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson is a composer, producer, artist, and "innertainer" born and raised in Atlanta, Ga. Michael grew up surrounded by music. He considers it the very reason he is "alive." His father was a jazz trumpet player, his uncle a big band leader, his older sister a jazz vocalist. When he was young his grandfather built a music room and encouraged Michael to learn to play. So he did learn to play, write, compose, and produce. Michael's music is a vibration of new-jazz, soul, and meditative-funk. Michael's musical spirit flows in his latest recording, The Servant/Master. We find Michael continuing on with themes of love and hope first introduced to us in Vibrations his critically acclaimed debut compilation. Michael steps forward as featured vocalist providing for himself a perfect backdrop of lush soulful grooves, spiritually charged lyrics and sensual melodies.


With his brand of meditative funk and sweet soul sensibilities drawn from influences such Lonnie Liston Smith, Loose Ends, and Jimmy Jam & Terry lewis, Michael is able to take the listener on a journey to their hearts and minds. Michael has written and produced music for UK vocalist, Santessa, jazz vibraphonist, Darlene Hill, latin-jazz songtress, Malena Perez debut album Free To Fly, and the latest offering Conscious, from the queen of UK soul, Julie Dexter. Michael has an independent production company, Murani Innertainment and looks forward to the release of the 12" vinyl remix of "your Love", which has been featured on the BBC's taste master Benji B's 1xtra radio show. Which also soon to be released on Gotsoul records featuring a mix by renowned producer Osunlade. Over the past three years Michael has performed all over the U.S. and has shared the stage with cutting edge artist, including, Fertile Ground, Kindred, Anthony David, Julie Dexter, Loose Ends, Donell Jones, Marc De clive Lowe, Osunlade, and Mint Condition.



Vibrations (2003) [Ketch A Vybe]

  1. Get Away
  2. Riding On A Cloud
  3. How Did it Come to This
  4. Here Before
  5. Play The Game
  6. Bet'cha Didn't Even Know
  7. Double Rainbow
  8. Be On
  9. Your Love
  10. Sugar & Spice
  11. Life Wonderful
  12. Mudella Oblungata
The Servant Master (2004) [Ketch A Vybe]

  1. Way To Let U Know
  2. Own Way
  3. Move On
  4. Be My Woman
  5. Do It
  6. Keep Growin
  7. Life Within the Light
  8. Believe What U Feel
  9. Don't Fear
  10. All We Need
  11. Be Free
  12. Servantmaster
The Servant Master
The Servant Master
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