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Ledisi was born after a Jackson Five Concert and her parents were in the music business, raised in Oakland California, born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Music has therefore, always been part of her life. Ledisi’s mother, Nyra Dynese, sang in an R&B band, which was called “Coronava”. Whilst pregnant with Ledisi, she played in this group and she also co-wrote the 70’s hit “Pillow Talk” with Larry Sanders. Ledisi was the daughter of Larry Sanders, the outstanding singer/guitarist and is granddaughter of the late blues singer Johnny Ace. The word Ledisi is a Nigerian word from the Yoruba religion and means “To Come here; bring forth”. Playing recorder as a child, she sang with the ‘New Orleans Symphony Youth Chorus’ after being chosen as one of a lucky two that were picked from students in every middle school in New Orleans. Naturally talented, she wrote her first song when she was just 4 years of age and became president of her high school Gospel choir, later becoming the youngest choir director at her church in Oakland, California. From there, she went on to study music, learning different styles (Jazz, R&B, classical, piano, violin and the drums). Ledisi’s first ever gig was with a band called ‘Slide Five’ and she went on to start her own band called ‘Anibade’ and has succeeded in becoming an incredible producer, singer and songwriter.


Acting is also a passion of this lady and she has performed in Theatre productions in and Off-Broadway. Acting is a skill, which she uses in her own performances, being animated and expressive as well as adding humour to involve her audience. A remarkable Soul singer and proficient Jazz singer, making percussive sound effects with her voice, loving to scar like Ella Fitzgerald. ‘Soulsinger’ was her first album, released in 2000 and re-released by Tommy Boy Records in 2004. Her second being ‘Feeling Orange But Sometimes Blue” - a Soulful/Jazz CD. Her second album received a 2003 California Music Award for outstanding Jazz album. Both albums were released under her own Independent Label LeSun Music, a partnership with Sundra “Sun” Manning, who also plays keyboards in her band. Ledisi has worked with people like Isaac Hayes, Eric Benet, Will Downing, Maysa Leak, Frank McComb, Chaka Khan and opened for Incognito. Musical influences of Ledisi’s include Sarah Vaughn, Al Jarreau, Rachelle Ferrell, Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole and Fela Anikalapo Kuti. Wanting to teach others the skills she has learnt, Ledisi also teaches herself, guiding singers how to sing from the Soul, rather than just singing a song without expression and feeling and she is currently signed to Verve/Universal. I am sure this artist will emerge from the underground scene and is most welcome “to come here and bring forth” many more fine songs for our enjoyment.


Tracey Cope [Just Soul]

Soulsinger (2001) [LeSun / Tommy Boy]

  1. Get Outta My Kitchen
  2. Stop Livin' in Ya Head
  3. Take Time
  4. You Are My Friend
  5. Coffee
  6. Good Lovin'
  7. Hotel
  8. Dreaming Interlude
  9. Free Again
  10. Soulsinger
  11. My Prayers
  12. In My Life
  13. Groove On
  14. I Want'cha Babe
  15. I Want'cha Babe Interlude
  16. Papa Loved to Love Me
  17. Soulsinger [Live]
  18. Hold on to Love
  19. Snoring
Feeling Orange But Sometimes Blue (2003) [LeSun]

  1. So Right
  2. I've Got It
  3. Sugar/Brown Sugar
  4. Meeting Marcus on a Thursday
  5. 'Round Midnight
  6. Straight No Chaser
  7. Feeling Orange But Sometimes Blue
  8. In a Sentimental Mood
  9. If You Go
  10. Autumn Leaves
  11. Land of the Free
Feeling Orange But...
Feeling Orange But Sometimes Blue
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