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Julie Dexter
  Julie Dexter  
Julie Dexter

Julie Dexter was born in Handsworth, Birmingham England and raised there and Kings Norton as a child through to adulthood, her parents being of Jamaican origin. Julie attended the Turves Green Girl School, Joseph Chamberlain College, later moving to London. Now living in Atlanta, Georgia, US. Having two brothers, one of who is a UK DJ known as DJ Dexter. Inspired by Jazz, Bossa Nova, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Broken-Beat, R&B, Hip-Hop, Funk and Reggae, Soulful music delivered with a Jamaican flavour - never afraid of appealing to the mainstream. Julie has won various international awards and in her interviews, doesn't try to conceal her true feelings and emits love, humility and enthusiasm and has a genuine affection for people, which overflow naturally into her music. Writing songs, which broach on the subjects of racism, poverty and love. A Middlesex University Degree graduate she is a lady who loves to talk about her craft, her new projects and proudly owns her own Independent label 'Ketch A Vibe'. Julie is a classically trained musician and composes, produces, arranges, writes and sings her own work, influenced by the ilk of Billy Holiday, Nancy Wilson, Sade and Omar. Julie's voice was first heard in 1997 on Dune Records' release of J-Life, a critically acclaimed UK Jazz group who sought to dispel the public perception of Jazz as a dying tradition.


Julie went on to tour many countries with Jazz saxophonist Courtney Pine (who was awarded an OBE in the year 2000 for his contribution to the black community and jazz music). Julie was the lead vocalist of his outfit and this spurned her on and gave her the confidence to become a solo artist and she recorded her first solo seven song EP called 'Peace of Mind' on her own label in the year 2000. Going on to release ‘Dexterity’ in 2002, both albums being underground Soul hits, which gained her a loyal fan base, both in the UK and also in parts of America. Dexterity has a seductive jazz, funk feel with horn sections and features 5 different drummers. By the time 'Dexterity' was released, Julie was already established in Atlanta and has worked with artists such as Fertile Ground, Jill Scott, Amel Larrieux, Donnie, Bilal, Omar & Rachelle Ferrell. Her latest project being 'Conscious', released in 2005, which is more of a collaboration with Michael Johnson (writing and performance wise). Michael is an artist on her own label and their combination gives you music reminiscent of Loose Ends with a Neo-Soul, yet poetic sound. This album was born from Julie's ideals on love, continued steady belief, trust and perception on the world, combining Medative Funk with Reggae influences. Julie is aware of her own surroundings; motivations and thoughts, a businesswoman who is in charge of her own destiny and has titled the album as such. The CD asks us 'How're you living?’ prompting us to re-evaluate ourselves. I look forward to hearing more from this promising artist, whose albums, I’m sure will keep evolving and delighting us with lyrical expression, consciousness and pleasure.


Tracey Cope [Just Soul]

Peace Of Mind [EP] (2000) [Ketch A Vibe]

  1. Ketch A Vibe
  2. Burning
  3. Peace Of Mind
  4. Sweet Melodies
  5. Sweet Dub
  6. What Do I Do
Peace Of Mind
Peace Of Mind
Dexterity (2003) [Ketch A Vibe]

  1. intro
  2. Ketch A Vibe
  3. Love
  4. Faith
  5. How Can You Feel
  6. God Bless The Dub
  7. What Do I Do
  8. That's Livin
  9. Walk With Me
  10. I Dream
  11. Judgement Day
  12. How Long
  13. Movin On
  14. Walk Reprise
Conscious (2005) [Ketch A Vibe]

  1. Choices
  2. Like Ours
  3. Look Who's Got Ya Back
  4. A Place For Us
  5. Show Me Now
  6. Rhythms Daughter
  7. Conscious
  8. Small World
  9. I See Colors
  10. The Race
  11. Rain Song
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