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Heather Headley
  Heather Headley  
Heather Headley

Heather Headley is a sublime vocalist, and has a second studio album out called ‘In My Mind’, which is the follow up to her Grammy nominated debut, ‘This Is Who I Am’. Her childhood in Trinidad; is what makes her who she is today, and this is what gives her the culture in her life, which modernized society often lacks. Headley went to Indiana, where she would study at the Northwestern University and majored in musical theater and communications. In 1997 she landed a role in a remake of The Lion King, where she won a Tony Award. This gave Heather a great start in her show business career, and her name became popular over night. She soon signed a deal with RCA records, and received numerous awards for her debut ‘This Is Who I Am’, such as the Soul Train for Best New Artist and Best R&B Vocalist. ‘Rain’ featuring Shaggy is the first single from her new album ‘In My Mind’ which she co-wrote with Tony Kelly. Heather Headley is a talented songstress and is one to watch out for in the future.



Matthew Daniel [Just Soul]

This Is Who I Am (2002) [RCA]

  1. He Is
  2. Nature Of A Man
  3. Fallin' For You
  4. I Wish I Wasn't
  5. Fulltime
  6. Like Ya Use To
  7. Always Been Your Girl
  8. Sunday
  9. From Words From A Heartbreak
  10. Sista Girl
  11. Why Should I Cry
  12. If It Wasn't For Your Love
This Is Who I Am
This Is Who I Am
In My Mind (2006) [RCA]

  1. In My Mind
  2. Am I Worth It
  3. Wait A Minute
  4. I Didn't Mean To
  5. How Many Ways
  6. Back When It Was
  7. What's Not Being Sad
  8. Losing You
  9. Rain
  10. The Letter
  11. Me Time
  12. Change
In My Mind
In My Mind
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