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Captivating, passionate, and sensuous, these words come to mind immediately when listening to the innovative sounds of FResTiLe. This multi-talented producer, singer/songwriter delivers something different to music listeners. "I am a woman who love to create the manifestation of music as food for thought, you know, something that makes your mind go, HMMM....?" FResTiLe's soul concentration has always been her music. Mixing the sounds of contemporary R&B, hip-hop and melodic soul, FResTiLe, delivers something innovative and unique to music listeners with blazing style and refreshingly new ideas. FResTiLe (born LaFreda Little), a native of Washington D.C., began her musical journey at the acclaimed Duke Ellington School of the Performing Arts. She recorded a 12" record with a local record label, performed in local groups and landed a gig as a back-up singer for recording artist George Michael when he toured Washington D.C. Musically diverse, FResTiLe circulated her talent and name by providing background vocals for gospel recording artist Richard Smallwood and contributed as a co-writer for a few songs on R&B sensation Cornell Stone's "Stoned" album. Influenced by old school flavor and urban artists such as Lauryn Hill and Alicia Keys, FResTiLe has always sought to hone and perfect her God-given talent. "As I can remember I always knew that my destiny was to become an entertainer. At the early stages of my childhood I became very fascinated with music and that turned my fascination into a keen interest." As an avid music lover and achiever of academic excellence, FResTiLe soared!


FResTiLe's debut album "Born Capricorn" is set against a lyrical backdrop of diverse life experiences featuring tracks solely written and produced by FResTiLe. The album is a testament to FResTiLe's lyrical prowess and diverse vocal range. The debut album is very hit-driven. "My music is an expression of artistic frustration, happiness, sadness, angst and a celebration of creative emotion that has developed over time." The first single "Lose My Mind/Addiction" showcases the singer/songwriters undeniable ability to mix contemporary R&B with hip-hop beats. The track "Makin'Love" reveals the depth and range of FResTiLe's smoldering, sensual voice. "Gimme Some" is a club track created with a spin to exploit men instead of women who are often targeted in male hip-hop videos. "FRee" is an orchestral 3/4 timed hip-hop flavored track with string and instrumental build-up for a spine-tingling delivery. Expanding on her own unique production, FResTiLe, is the next up and coming artist possessing creativity that sets her apart from the rest. So with that in-mind, sit back relax and enjoy her recipe for music like no other. The sensuous tones of her hypnotically arresting voice, along with her blazing pulsating beats and innovative words will penetrate your soul and warm your heart.


Barbara Fulton [Just Soul]

Born Capricorn (2007) [EarthWater Ent.]

  1. Born Capricorn
  2. Human
  3. Me & Mr. Jones
  4. Lose My Mind/Addiction
  5. FRee
  6. War
  7. Makin' Love
  8. Truthfully
  9. If U Wanna Go
  10. If I Canít Have You
  11. JimíN-i
  12. Gimme Some
  13. Here We Go
  14. Lose Control
  15. What Else?
Born Capricorn
Born Capricorn
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