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Fantasia Barrino
  Fantasia Barrino  
Fantasia Barrino

Fantasia Barrino became a household name after her 2004 win on the popular American television show "American Idol". She became the third person in the country to win the appellation. Quite a few people, including the singer herself thought she would take home the win. As a 19 year old single mother, high school drop out who at the time suffered with reading difficulties was deemed the unconventional winner of the competition. She was a Southern girl with a heavy voice full of emotions. And she was unapologetic for being who she was and rightfully so. She may have sealed the deal for herself as the Idol winner, when she belted out a heartfelt rendition of "Summertime". In which the singer became very emotional; that night she made the audience truly stand up and take notice of her talent. In late 2004 Fantasia released "Free Yourself," a platinum selling album on J Records. Her first single, "I Believe" debuted at number one on the charts. Other tracks released from the album include, "Free Yourself", "Baby Mama", and "Ain't Gon Beg You." The album itself reached the number two spot on R&B charts in 2004 and went on to garner the singer three Grammy nominations. Recently Fantasia starred in a made for television movie which was based on her autobiography, "Life Is Not a Fairy Tale: The Fantasia Barrino Story", which is a New York Times best-selling book.


Within the book, Fantasia revealed that she had struggled with her reading and that she had to memorize her music on American Idol because of her difficulties. The singer also revealed she was a victim of molestation and sexual assault. Nevertheless, Fantasia has a positive outlook on life. She chooses to remember her past hardships but she focuses making a better life for herself and her daughter. Fantasia will release her sophomore self-titled album which will hits stores in December 2006. The first single is entitled "Hood Boy."


Chantay M. Wesley [Just Soul]

Free Yourself (2004) [J Records]

  1. Ain't Gon' Beg You
  2. Free Yourself
  3. Truth Is
  4. Selfish (I Want U 2 Myself)
  5. Summertime
  6. Baby Mama
  7. Got Me Waiting
  8. It's All Good
  9. Good Lovin'
  10. Don't Act Right
  11. You Were Always on My Mind
  12. This Is Me
  13. I Believe
Free Yourself
Free Yourself
Fantasia (2006) [J-Records]

  1. Hood Boy
  2. Turn This Party Up!
  3. Two Weeks Notice
  4. No Stopppin'
  5. I Nominate U
  6. Baby Makin' Hips
  7. When I See U
  8. Broke
  9. Surround U
  10. Not The Way That I Do
  11. Bore Me (Yawn)
  12. Uneligible
  13. Girl Like Me
  14. I Feel Beautiful
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