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Eric Roberson
  Eric Roberson  
Eric Roberson

If you are an R&B lover, chances are you have heard something that was either written or produced by Eric Roberson. Have you heard the names Dwele, Vivian Green, or Musiq Soulchild? Then you have definitely been privy to Roberson’s work. After all, he has been in the business for thirteen years.

The singer, songwriter, producer didn’t have an easy start and like many other artists, Roberson had his share of record deals which fell through including almost signing with Columbia Records. Roberson’s experiences led to him deciding to take his career into his own hands thus leading to the creation of Blue Erro Soul, his own label. From Blue Erro Soul, the artist has released his fifth and latest CD … “LEFT”, along with three other albums.

“LEFT” is infused with sounds of rhythm and blues with some remnants of jazz and hip-hop. Some notable tracks from the album include “Evening”, “Pretty Girl” and “Been in Love “and” If I Had a Chance. By no stretch of the imagination are these only great songs on the album, far from it. “LEFT” has a song for everyone to enjoy including your parents, children, and friends. It is honest music for your listening pleasure.


Making history, Eric Roberson is the first independent artist nominated for the “BETJ Cool Like That Award” for the 2007 BET Awards.

Through years and years of hard work and staying true to what he believes in, Roberson has maintained his strong fan base as an independent artist. He is always looking to place a smile on the faces of those who support him most. “LEFT” is definitely the right album to own!


Chantay M. Wesley [Just Soul]

Esoteric (2001) [Blue Erro Soul]

  1. Genesis
  2. 4u
  3. Runaway
  4. Morning After...
  5. Crazy...
  6. Rain On My Parade...
  7. Miles Away...
  8. Funny Feelings...
  9. She Went Away...
  10. Maybe...
  11. What Is Love Made Of...
  12. New Born Child...
  13. Woman...
The Vault vol. 1.5 (2004) [Blue Erro Soul / April Music]

  1. Couldn't Hear Me
  2. Right Back To You
  3. Please Don't Leave Me
  4. Lil Money
  5. Def Ears
  6. Past Paradise
  7. She Ought To Know
  8. Obstacles
  9. FInd The Way
  10. Rock With You
  11. Change For Me
  12. I Have A Song
The Vault vol. 1.5
The Vault vol. 1.5
The Appetizer (2005) [P-Vine]

  1. N2U (feat. Marsha Ambrosius)
  2. What I Gotta Do?
  3. Painkiller
  4. Hesitation
  5. Just A Dream
  6. Softest Lips
  7. Momma Told Me
  8. The Moon
  9. We Can't Pretend
  10. For Da Love Of Da Game
The Appetizer
The Appetizer
Erro Live vol: DC (2006) [Blue Erro Soul / Globaleyes]

  1. For Da Love of Da Game
  2. Right Back To You
  3. Softest Lips Interlude
  4. Softest Lips
  5. Find the Way
  6. Past Paradise
  7. Couldn't Hear Me Over the Music
  8. Def Ears
  9. Obstacles Interlude
  10. Obstacles
  11. Go-Go Interlude
  12. Don't Change
  13. Rock With You Interlude
  14. Rock With You
Erro Live vol: DC
Erro Live vol: DC
...Left (2007) [Blue Erro Soul]

  1. Music
  2. Evening
  3. Been in Love... (feat. Phonte From Little Brother)
  4. Pen Just Cries Away
  5. Iluvu2much (feat. Algebra Blessett)
  6. Only for You
  7. Pretty Girl
  8. Too Soon
  9. If I Had a Chance
  10. Open Your Eyes
  11. Right or Wrong
  12. The Baby Song
  13. Couldn't Hear Her (feat. Curt Chambers)
  14. The Smoke Signals- Man Who Had It All
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