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Eric Benét
  Eric Benét  
Eric Benet

Eric Benet critically acclaimed R&B artist, singer/songwriter, and proud parent, was born the youngest of five in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. While growing up, Eric Benet Jordan was privy to a household of musically talented family members. Some of the many of Eric Benet’s influences include Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, Marvin Gaye and Chaka Khan. While growing up Eric Benet also enjoyed different genres of music from gospel to funk to soul and so on. Like many other R&B singers, Eric Benet first began singing in the church choir. In the late 1980s, he joined a local group by the name of Gerard. While in Gerard, Eric gained professional experience performing in such genres as hip hop, pop, rock and soul music. Eric Benet, along with his sister and cousin came together and formed the group Benet. Benet released a self-titled record in 1992 with EMI Records. Sales for the album were less than stellar, due to hardly any radio air play and improper album promotion. As a result, the group was released from EMI Records. Due to the personal tragedies in his life, Eric Benet had to be away for the music business for a number of years. But he stayed abreast to the different happenings within the music industry through his producer friend Jeff Lorber, who’s album Eric appeared on among other jazz artists.


Awhile after, Eric Benet was signed to Warner Brothers Records. And in 1996, Eric Benet released the album “True to Myself”. He worked on the album with his longtime friend Demonte Posey and his cousin George Nash, Jr. who was also in the then defunct group Benet. The album although adored by critics, never obtained high sales. Some fan favors on the album include, “Femininity,” “Let’s Stay Together,” “Spiritual Thang,” and “While you Were Here,” a song dedicated to his late girlfriend and mother of Eric’s daughter India who was tragically killed when India was a little over a year old. In 1999, Eric Benet released his second album, “A Day in the Life.” The album became popular with such singles as, number one R&B song “Spend My Life with You,” a duet with the talented songstress Tamia and "Georgy Porgy” a duet with R&B singer Faith Evans. Both songs enjoyed a fair amount of radio air play. And “Spend My Life with You” was certified gold at the time. In 2005 after being away from the music business for six years, Eric Benet released “Hurricane”. Eric Benet’s “Hurricane” is an album that expresses profound emotions that Eric Benet has experienced over the years. With popular singles like “Hurricane,” “I Wanna Be Loved,” and “Pretty Baby” the album is musically spectacular with a diverse edge and sound that can only be categorized as Eric Benet’s style. Throughout his career, Eric Benet has worked with many artists such as Roy Ayers, Me’Shell Ndegeocello, and Marion Meadows, to name a few. Eric Benet has won a NAACP Award for Outstanding Song for “Spend My Life with You,” a song for which was also nominated for a Grammy Award. Eric Benet has appeared on several different soundtracks over the years. He has also written and produced songs for Earth, Wind, and Fire. Eric Benet has even taken a stab at acting, appearing in a recurring role on the now defunct WB channel series “For Your Love” which also starred Holly Robinson Peete and James Lesure (NBC’s Las Vegas).


Chantay M. Wesley [Just Soul]

True To Myself (1996) [Warner]

  1. True To Myself
  2. I'll Be There
  3. If You Want Me To Stay
  4. Let's Stay Together (Midnight Mix)
  5. Just Friends
  6. Femininity
  7. While You Were Here
  8. Spiritual Thang
  9. Chains
  10. All In The Game
  11. More Than Just A Girlfriend
  12. What If We Was Cool
  13. Let's Stay Together
True To Myself
True To Myself
A Day In The Life (1999) [Warner]

  1. That's Just My Way
  2. Georgy Porgy
  3. Spend My Life With You
  4. Something Real
  5. Loving Your Best Friend
  6. When You Think Of Me
  7. Lamentation
  8. Dust In The Wind
  9. Why You Follow Me
  10. Come As You Are
  11. Love The Hurt Away
  12. Ghetto Girl
  13. Love Of My Own
A Day In The Life
A Day In the Life
Hurricane (2005) [Warner]

  1. Be Myself Again
  2. Pretty Baby
  3. Hurricane
  4. Where Does The Love Go
  5. My Prayer
  6. Man Enough To Cry
  7. I Know
  8. India
  9. The Last Time
  10. In The End
  11. Making Love
  12. Cracks Of My Broken Heart
  13. I Wanna Be Loved
  14. Still With You
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