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Anthony David
  Anthony David  
Anthony David

Atlanta based singer/guitarist/song writer, Anthony David is going back to classic soul from the 60’s & 70’s. ‘3Chords&TheTruth’ recaptures the past hero’s like Bill Withers and Al Green, with Anthony’s husky vocals, melodic guitar playing, influential/original lyrics, show cases this musical modern legend in the making. He was born in Savannah, Georgia, but moved to ATL when he was an adult, and here is where he would venture out in his soulful career. His music career uplifted when he saw a special somebody at The Underground and found an instant musical connection, that special somebody would go by the name of India Arie. They started chatting and both liked the same artists, so India would give him the opportunity to work with her. He was afraid of exposing his raspy and raw vocals on stage, making the paper to pen the only form of expression, so in a way Arie was Anthony’s saviour as well as friend. The sheets of lyrical content that India would soon cast her eyes on, would interest her greatly.


Matthew Daniel [Just Soul]


He wrote one of the songs from ‘Acoustic Soul’ entitled ‘Part of My Life’, which is near the end of the record, the entire album was critically-acclaimed and multi-Grammy nominated. It’s typical David style, which is why I admire the guy because he’s created his own form of expression through word’s that we all use, it’s a unique thing. He found this outlet with India to express his thoughts and emotions in song, and experienced behind the scenes work for quite some time. With all this support from India Arie, This made an impact on Anthony, and he bought a guitar, as he often saw India with one strapped up on her back like a true musician. India Arie and Anthony David had been friends for three years before he decided to move over to Atlanta. His experience in song writing soon started to take off in his own solo career. The two in a way helped each other out in their careers, because India didn’t write as well as she did until she began working with David, she invited him on tour to act as backing singer for the live band, I witnessed his superb vocal skills at one of India Aries London gigs in Shepard’s Bush Empire. His influences vary, which is evident by the way he is as an artist, because he doesn’t come across as narrow, from Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, Jay-Z, Black Thought, to Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Anita Baker, Prince, Howard Hewitt and Johnny ‘Guitar’ Wilson etc. Anthony David released a single called ‘Georgia Peach’, which is in a bluesy traditional style, it a witty but respectful track dedicated to women. Anthony David explains “While this album is written from personal experiences, I think it will touch the masses in the sense that it’s based on some very universal human foibles”. Expect to her sophisticated song writing, delivered in an over all soul wrenching voice, it’s masterpiece of an album, its acoustic/vintage soul, with a rhythmic fusion of hip-hop.


Matthew Daniel [Just Soul]

3 Chords & The Truth (2004) [Brash Music]

  1. Yes
  2. Heartstrings
  3. Spittin' Game (Live)
  4. Cold Turkey
  5. 50/50 Love
  6. GA Peach
  7. Believe Me
  8. Ain't Enough for Me
  9. Cheatin' Man
  10. Skyline
  11. Part of My Life
  12. Krooked Kop
  13. Water/The Fire
  14. GA Peach (Remix)
3 Chords & The Truth
3 Chords and The Truth
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