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Aaron Hall
  Aaron Hall  
Aaron Hall

In the late 1980's, early 90's the world was hit with a musical sound that we had never heard before; it was New Jack Swing. The soulful combination of R&B and heavy Hip Hop beats invaded the Hip Hop community at a rapid pace. Aaron Hall, born August 10, 1964; in Bronx, NY; is one of the strongest male vocalist to hit the music industry. Hall truly puts the R&B in New Jack Swing. As the lead singer for the group Guy; formed in 1987; his vocals are automatically recognized by listeners. Teaming up with songwriter/producer Teddy Riley and Timmy Gatlin (who was later replaced by Hall’s brother Damion); Guy was well on their way. This trio truly became a household name; after two albums, 1988's Guy and 1990's The Future; and some movie scores. They truly started a wave of sound that soon caught the ears of their industry peers; but to the dismay of many, the group disbanded in late 1991. This was the time that Aaron Hall decided that it was time to try his hand at a solo career.


In 1993, Hall released his debut album; The Truth. This album gave us Hall in his truest form; strong vocals with sexual undertones. As a solo singer, his hits included the #1 R&B single “Don’t Be Afraid” and his Top 3 single “I Miss You”. 2005, would bring the final album from the artist tat we know as Aaron Hall. After releasing “Adult’s Only: The Final Album”; Hall has adopted a new persona known as E. Kane. Hall feels that the industry has not given him the proper respect that he deserves as an artist. Therefore he has decided to make a few changes; but one thing is for sure; if Hall still has those strong vocals and the stage performances of yester year; then I am sure that E. Kane will do just fine.


Shanta Hendry [Just Soul]

The Truth (1993) [MCA]

  1. Prologue
  2. Do Anything
  3. Open Up
  4. Get a Little Freaky With Me
  5. Pick up the Phone
  6. Don't Be Afraid (Jazz Version)
  7. Until I Found You
  8. You Keep Me Crying (Interlude)
  9. Don't Be Afraid (Introduction)
  10. Don't Be Afraid (Sex Version)
  11. Let's Make Love
  12. When You Need Me
  13. I Miss You
  14. Until the End of Time
  15. Epilogue
The Truth
The Truth
Inside Of You (1998) [MCA]

  1. You Make Me Feel Good Inside
  2. I'll Do Anything
  3. If You Leave Me
  4. All the Places (I Will Kiss You)
  5. What Did I Do?
  6. Move It Girl
  7. I Want Your Body
  8. None Like You
  9. Going Down
  10. Baby I'll Be by Your Side
  11. Don't Rush the Night
  12. Thinkin' of You
  13. None But the Righteous
  14. None Like You
Inside Of You
Inside Of You
Adults Only: The Final Album (2005) [Head Start]

  1. Adults Only (Intro)
  2. Hands On Me
  3. Serve That Body
  4. Bout That
  5. Perfect Woman
  6. Voice Mail (Interlude)
  7. Yours truly, Sorry
  8. Still Here
  9. All I Think About Is You
  10. Oh
  11. Video
  12. Stamina
  13. Tears In Heaven
  14. Betts Watch Your Girl
Adults Only
Adults Only: The Final Album
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