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World Domination
  World Domination  
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Tasha's World 'World Domination' [Klinik]

Tasha’s 2nd album “World Domination” is due for release in early March 2006. Signed to The Klinik Music Productions, the album was delayed due to the demand for her live shows, after a two and a half year world tour. “World Domination” is the follow album up to her hugely successful first album, self entitled “Tasha’s World” which was voted as ‘one of the best albums of 2002’ by one of the leading music magazines. Tasha’s music, born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is pushing the right buttons for me. I think her voice has imperfections, unstructured at times, but could this be deliberate? As it pulls together well and when sung live, I’m sure would make for a very organic performance. The good melodies and music lure you into Tasha’s lyrics. Tasha writes most of her lyrics, but is not afraid to involve other writers who feel at one with her music. The album starts well with “Past Lives” a funky first tune, nicely persuading you to want to look further into the album. “Glowing (Growing)” is an up-tempo tune which will get your feet tapping, a track which is musically very impressive with a Telecaster sounding guitar helping it along nicely. “Home Alone” is a lovely track, which many people will relate to with the lyrics “tired of crying myself to sleep at night” and “tired of praying for a brighter day” along with “I practice safe sex ‘cos I’m always on my own”. This track has the feeling, which comes from somebody’s troubles, both past & present. “Corny Love Song” once again, is musically very good and has a warm feel to it, Tasha’s voice much softer, this being one of my particular favourite tracks from the album – a real nighttime listening tune. Reminding me of those classic Bee Gees tracks, with the distinctive Bee Gees backing vocal sound, it leads you into a cosy, relaxed mood and a distinct feeling of forgetting your other plans and settling down to listen to the rest of the CD. “Brown Eyes Blue” is sung with attitude and powerful lyrics, this lady meaning business! “Move ya hips” does just that; makes you want to move those hips, but late at night with your partner, with those hypnotic rhythms. “Always Change” features TY, former MC and London Hip Hop artist. An interesting song, has the feel of several artists of Soul, but is difficult to concentrate on due to the prominent drumbeat, which I feel is a little distracting to the song. Billy Holliday’s “Don’t Explain” is nicely sung, Tasha is at ease with the Jazz/Blues, even Rock feel, with that underlining Soul sound which the Soul Diva Irma Thomas said is a feeling, not a category, which particularly makes this song very interesting and enjoyable to listen to. The final track “What Must I Be” is a lovely track to finish the album with. Wouldn’t sound out of place as a title track to a movie…

Tracey Cope [Just Soul]

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